As part of our KA2 Erasmus + School Partnership “Employment opportunities for young people across Europe” we met on the island of Terceira with our partners from Spain, Bulgaria and Germany.  This was our first meeting.

The subject of this project are job opportunities for young people in Europe. On the excursions we learned about different occupations and jobs on this island.

A marine biologist gave insights into the biodiversity of the Azores (whales, dolphins, sea turtles, etc. – very amazing).

A museum guide explained the history of the Azores.

A winemaker reported about the history of viticulture on the Azores.

A geologist explained the seismological aspects and tectonics of the island.

A farmer introduced us into the agricultural aspects of cattle farming and the production of cheese.

The major welcomed us in the town hall and spoke about his duties and life as local politician.

During this project, the students collected important information about the different local professions and had to find out what skills and competences are needed to be able to practice a particular profession.

In this project our students expand their own professional horizons and consider their career choice from a European perspective.

At the end of the week they presented their results in English to the whole participants.

We worked in multinational teams, created job cards, got informed about celebrities and their professions in Portugal and the students shared their personal experiences about the European world of work with the partner students.

Although everyone speaks his own native language, it was an exciting, challenging intercultural week.