Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria “Ategua”

Our high school ist called I.E.S. “Ategua”. It takes its name from a Roman settlement near Castro del Rio. In our school pupils study compulsory education from 12 to 16 years old. There are low level vocational studies and upper level vocational studies on Business Administration Management. Pupils can also study Bachillerato (two years from 16-18 years old), which is a course they must do in order to enter university. There is also a course for adults.
Our school participated in several Erasmus+ Projects like “Zoopas”, “Move” (a musical), “Utopia”.
Castro del Rio is a village located in the countryside in the southeast of the province of Córdoba, in Andalusia, which is a region in the South of Spain. It stands on Guadajoz River. It is 42 km far from the capital Córdoba and has a population of appr. 8.000 inhabitants. The weather is Meditarranean type, with pretty hot summers and cold as well as warm winters. There is not very much rain. Household income ist the result of mainly farming land work, much higher than income from services or industry activities. Olive trees are grown to get olive oil and their wood is used for making olive tree furniture.

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