Report Düsseldorf.

Our guests from Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria visisted Düsseldorf Feb. 9th – 15th, 2020.

Despite heavy storm “Sabine” all participants landed safely at DUS airport. All were accomodated in the modern youth hostel right along the riverside of the Rhine. The first afternoon we visited the Düsseldorf Art Acadamy where the students had their annual presentation of current art objects.
The next day, because of the ongoing stormy weather all of the schools in Düsseldorf were closed, we started our program with presentations and career interview worksheets in the youth hostel. Afterwards we visited “Halle Mensch” (hall human) for some sports and had a lot of fun.
On Tuesday we had a sightseeing trip to Cologne, with a guided tour of the famous dome and a sweet excursion to the chocolate museum.
On Wednesday the main activity was dedicated to job interviews in different companies. In small internationally mixed groups we interviewed
– a brewer at local handcraft brewery “Kürzer” in the Old town
– a cool and climate technician at regional craftsman company “Soeffing”
– a geodesy technician at local registry administration of Düsseldorf
– a corporate safety and health manager at global player “Henkel”
– a technician at regional public transport company “Rheinbahn”
– a webdesigner at European internet agency “Euroweb”.
Afterwards we prepared our presentations of what we had found out.
Thursday morning we visited a bigger traditional brewery and had a walk through the modern Media-“Harbor” of Düsseldorf. In the afternoon we completed our presentations and had a kahoot quiz on German celebreties, which the Bulgarian group won :-).
Friday morning we presented all explored jobs and learned a lot about the social economic data of Germany and Düsseldorf. We had a guided tour through the school workspaces and laboratories. The headmaster awarded our certificates. In the afternoon we visited the “K21” modern art museum and experienced the feeling “in orbit”, an installation of Tomas Saraceno.
An evening in a traditional old town pub rounded off our project. We appreciated all the moments of joint work, fun and friendship and are looking forward to meeting again in Montana, Bulgaria, in May.