Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg is a technical secondary vocational school located in Düsseldorf. It is a vocational school for electronics, information technology and chemistry. It was founded in the year 1992 and offers various educational careers. About 2400 students are attending this school and 100 teachers are teaching about 95 different classes.
Some pupils are attending our school full time to achieve a better degree of qualification similar to the A-levels like the school leaving examination or the NVC (national vocational certificate). In another department of our school, apprentices are educated in part time with a vocational specification. Generally, our school offers a technical specification in the subjects electronics, information technology and chemistry.
The German educational system called „Dual System“ is an integral part of our educational focus, where apprentices are trained both in a company and at our school during their apprenticeship. The training is provided in a company and at part-time vocational school: In the company, the trainees acquire practical skills in a real working environment. Some periods (3 weeks en bloc) the trainees attend part-time vocational school, where they are taught general and vocational knowledge related to their training occupation.
The full time pre-vocational school department is teaching all main subjects and offers career entry qualifications to support the career choice.
Since 2017 we regularly use the Erasmus+ program to enhance our internationization of the HHBK. We have already received 3 successful KA1 applications. Through the mobility of our teachers, we prepare the internationalization of our school and provide our teachers with high-quality training in other European countries. So far about 15 different teachers have already attended training courses on ICT (information & communications technology), internationalization, moodle or project oriented learning. They took part in training  in countries like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Malta, France,  Portugal or Guadeloupe.

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